Science Night 2018

Science Night 2018 was an evening of excellence!!  Alongside hands-on experiments hosted by our fabulous Carolina Prep teachers, we had an amazing assortment of visitors join us as well:  RAMBOLL brought an assortment of preserved critters, shells, and magnifying tools; Tower Gardens by Juice Plus introduced a tower garden that Carolina Prep will be using alongside our curriculum to further promote healthy living; Presbyterian College Physician Assistant Studies displayed anatomical models; HRP displayed various rocks and gems dating back millions of years found all over the world and right here in our own Upstate; BASF (an annual guest) showed us how to make slime and how the inside of a diaper works; CU-ICAR shared 3D printed parts that are being used in advanced automotive technology; and The Greenville Zoo contributed lion, orangutan, and box turtle skeletons!  WOW!!!!!!  Last but not least, on display were Primary School students’ science fair projects!  Each and every one of our students worked extremely hard this spring studying the Scientific Method and putting it into life!  We hope you enjoy the photos and we can’t wait until next year!


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